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SEO Agency Services Provider Company In Ahmedabad India

Search Engine Optimization is one of the latest trends in the digital world to make your business stand out. Do you know your revenue could increase 5x just by a few SEO tricks? There are two kinds of marketing. One is through targeted advertising. Targeted advertising requires money and targets the demographic of the audience you choose. While targeted advertising is effective, it costs money and is only helpful in the short run. Besides, customers are more likely to get annoyed if they see an ad for a product.

What matters is whether the advertisement was enticing enough for the customer to click on the link. The Second and the most efficient form of advertising is through Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing involves creating content, utilizing SEO Tools to create an organic growth for your website.

SEO works differently as it is a long process but provides lasting results. Best SEO Company in Ahmedabad India understands the process of marketing and is familiar with the various analytical tools. We at Kashtbhanjan Digital have been providing SEO services for a long time now and help you take your business to the next level.

What is SEO Services Agency Company Ahmedabad India?

SEO service provider Ahmedabad India works on a multi-level process. The first step is to identify your business. SEO doesn’t work the same for any company. Once your business has been identified, the next step is to look out for relevant market competitors. It’s the competitors who help us identify the tools we need to use for your company.

While SEO service provider  Ahmedabad India is a long-term process, the rewards are far more. SEO involves a load of factors, right from creating backlinks to creating content. SEO helps build trust in your customers’ eyes. When customers search for the market your business is catering to, your website will rank higher in Google, Bing, which leads to more unique views and an increase in business revenue.

SEO services provider Ahmedabad India for your Business?

We at Kashtbhanjan Digital have developed a holistic approach to cater to our clients. Our team of professionals handle all aspects related to your businesses’ digital needs. We offer services like backlinks and keyword research and provide you with various analytical tools that provide a deep insight into your website. A good SEO agency services provider in Ahmedabad India needs to understand the market to take advantage of it. Kashtbhanjan Digital has served a diverse group of clients, from e-commerce sites to bloggers. This helps us find a perfect niche for your business that enables you to stand out.

The various services offered by Kashtbhanjan Digital include:-

As the name suggests, Off-Page Optimization includes various tips and tricks to improve the search engine rankings of your website. Our SEO company services Ahmedabad India provide Off-page optimization by creating backlinks of your website on other sites, which are then redirected to your leading site. This helps in Search Engines ranking your website higher, which in turn leads to more audience.

It’s a common misconception that Search Engine Optimization only involves technical aspects. Your customers are humans, after all, and need a human element. Good content is an integral part of SEO service provider Ahmedabad India. Good content helps the audience connect with your brand and helps promote your vision. It is essential in building trust and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. We at Kashtbhanjan Digital have a set of professionals fulfilling all your content needs.

While it’s essential to work on your website and improve its rankings, you also need to look at your competitors. After all, your competition and ranking are determined by the other competitors. We at Kashtbhanjan Digital have a wide range of SEO Tools that help provide a deep insight into various factors such as impression rates, click rates, audience retention time. This analysis helps best SEO service provider Ahmedabad India to understand your audience better and customize the SEO techniques accordingly on the areas lacking.

SEO Service Packages Cost a Company in Ahmedabad India?

Now that you have a fair idea about the importance of Search Engine Optimization, it’s time to look at the various affordable SEO service packages Ahmedabad India. You need to identify a good company that identifies your business needs. Kashtbhanjan Digital has been the pioneer in providing SEO services and offers various packages suiting your needs. If you’re a small business, you might benefit from our Basic SEO Package. If your business is on a larger scale, our Premium SEO Package will provide the best results.

The various packages offered by Kashtbhanjan Digital are:-

Basic SEO Package

This package is best for small businesses, especially those requiring low-keywords. We offer up to 5 backlinks and other Google analytics tools. Our basic SEO Package is sure to take your business from a small scale to greater heights.

SEO Keyword Package

We offer SEO Keyword packages depending on the niche of your business. If it's a popular category of business, you need more unique keywords. If it's a different category of business, your website can stand out without needing more keywords. Five keywords are charged at ₹ 4999, whereas Ten keywords are charged at ₹ 8999.

Content Writing Package

Focused on building a human touch for your website, our team of experts provides you creative content to put on your website landing page and other areas. The Content package is based on the number of words used. The Content includes all the essential keywords and ensures your website looks trustworthy and reliable to your customers.

SEO services company provider FAQs

Some Basic Questions Asked By People
SEO usually charge on number of keywords. It usually cost $20/keyword/month. SEO charges usually in monthly pay basis, because this is a process you need regularly on your website.
You can search the keyword and see your website position. Google has 10 results in one page, so if your website is on 1st page and 5th position, that means you have 5th rank. You can usually see the improvement after a month of a complete SEO process. Ranking will be updated every time when the search engine crawl your website.
Your website must have the basic code implemented such as meta title, meta description, heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.), alt tags with images, etc. You need to plan the keywords for each page and the keywords must be there in the content, headings, meta, etc.
Yes, WordPress is SEO friendly. You can also install plugins like Yoast, to make it more SEO friendly.

SEO requires regular process, specially on link building (backlinks). Once your website is SEO friendly with keyword optimization and all required SEO codes, you need to push the ranking by creating backlinks. Every month you need to build enough backlinks to keep pushing your ranking, that is why the charges are on Monthly basis.

SEO is not a one-time process. It’s a dynamic process. While your website will start seeing improved analytics within a few weeks of hiring our services, it’s essential to be patient. A good SEO strategy involves long planning and deep work with backlinks and keywords. However, the results are permanent and would result in your business being considered reliable and rank higher in search engine display.

If your business is on the internet, you need Search Engine Optimization. Whether it’s a small company or large, the extent of SEO Tools required might vary. However, for every business, having SEO Services is essential to grow the business. SEO provides organic growth, which helps your business expand and generate more revenue for you.