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Complete Digital Marketing Packages

Everything You Need For Marketing Of Your Business

Details About Our Digital Marketing Packages

Online marketing is the only key to promote your business and get maximum output of your marketing efforts. Our digital marketing package include each and every corner of marketing through SEO, SMO, SMM, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC and much more.

We will put a dedicated man power who will work to promote your service or product to bring maximum people to your website. This service includes many manual processes which includes contacting direct to the customers, discuss with them about their requirement, pass the inquiry to you or the appropriate person and manage the leads.

This service will also include a mixture of all digital marketing platforms such as major search engines and social medias. We will not only work on bringing people to your website, but we also care about the quality traffic and talk with people who are interested buying your service or products.

Why it is better than just SEO?

SEO is one of the best digital marketing processes, we always suggest our clients to go with SEO if they are looking for a long-term benefit from the investment. SEO will bring traffic to your website for long time ones it starts appearing in search result.

It will take few months to reach to the first page, but ones you reach the target, it will keep you there for a long time. It depends on the competitors’ activities, how much time the ranking will stay on the first page. If the competitors are aggressive in their SEO campaigns, your ranking will not stay for long ones you stop your website SEO process. We see in many cases, where client don’t want to wait for months to see the 1 st page rank.

While in this case, our Complete Digital Marketing Package satisfy you a lot. Because this package includes social media marketing, paid campaigns and much more, you will start getting the benefit quickly and, on another side, SEO will also start getting the ranking up in search engines. So, you don’t need to wait until the 1 st page rank and after the 1 st page rank, you start getting more benefit then just SEO.

Why it is better than just PPC?

If you are looking for a short-term benefit, you should go with PPC campaigns in Google or paid campaigns in Social Media. But these campaigns will stop giving you the benefit of traffic, just after you will stop the campaign.

That means, you are getting people visiting your website only when you are paying for each visit. While in our Complete Digital Marketing Package, you are not only getting paid campaigns.

But also organic ways like SEO, manual generate leads from social medias, traffic generation by referrals and many more, which will generate traffic to your website for long time. This service start responding quickly and give you a long-term benefit from your investment.

How do we generate leads?

We will keep working on sending traffic to your website and also try to generate the leads by a mixture of all Digital Marketing platforms. You will get the traffic to your website which can convert into the clients. We will also process in a way, where we can send some leads directly to you or a concern person from your team who can communicate with the clients.

We can communicate with a potential client who is interested buying your service or product and refer them to your website. We can also pass the contact details to you, so you can discuss with him to close the deal. Each lead will be exclusive for you, we never sale or resale any leads to any other customer. However, we cannot control the human behavior by digital platform, so we cannot guarantee about the sales or inquiries, but yes, we go guarantee about the traffic to your website.

How will you see the result?

While we are generating leads and traffic to your website, you can see the result in your Google Analytics. If you don’t have a Google Analytics setup for your website, we will do it and explain you how you can monitor the traffic. You will see the traffic, visitor details such as country, time of visit, pages they visit, new vs returning visitors, etc.

We will try to bring them to your contact page and while we found a potential client during our manual process of generating leads, we will ask them to contact you and we will also pass you the client’s contact details.

How do we charge?

We charge on monthly basis as a complete digital marketing package. The charges will depend on your product or service, how many platforms you want to include, how much we need to work on manual lead generation, etc. We can also work as per your budget for online marketing.

How can we start?

Please contact us by using our chat support or fill this form and send us your requirement, so we can discuss about your services or products and suggest you the best digital marketing plan.